Episode Schedule

December 24/25, 2016 (ITO 1401) “Extreme Survival Strategies” – Explore the unique survival strategies of various species found near the Lac du Flambeau Indian reservation and how they overcome the extremes in weather and other environmental factors to survive.

December 31/Jan 1, 2017 (ITO 1402) “Savvy Sustainability” – Join the ITO explorers as they dive into the physics and science of unraveling Einstein’s law of thermodynamics relating to Savvy Sustainability. You may even get some ideas for becoming more sustainable at home.

January 07/08, 2017 (ITO 1404) “Plant Diversities” – The ITO science sleuths investigate how plants can create life from the raw “abiotic” elements in the environment, with some even making their own fertilizer from air.

January 14/15, 2017 (ITO 1405) “Know Your H20” – Discover where clean water comes from and all the people and science involved in the process of making the water in your home or school safe to drink.

January 21/22, 2017 (ITO 1503) “The Science of Industrial Sand Mining” – ITO investigators reveal the technology and physics of a modern industrial sand mine and practices that impact the environment while decoding the unique geology behind it all.

January 28/29, 2017 (ITO 1601) “Soybean Sustainability” – Discover the ways that the soybean industry is environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable, while also looking into the future of soybeans.

February 04/05, 2017 (ITO 1301) “Here Fishy-Fishy” – Explore the mysterious world of Wisconsin’s only living fossil – the lake sturgeon that once faced possible extinction along with the conservation success story that restored populations in Lake Winnebago.

February 11/12, 2017 (ITO 1302) “Chemistry of Life”  – Decode the foundational chemistry that affects everything on planet earth thorugh the primary conversion of simple chemicals into complex compounds that form the building blocks of all life.

February 18/19, 2017  (ITO 1202)  “Wetlands Wisdom” – Wade into the murky science of understanding our wetlands workings and ecosystems as you discover the water cycles, ecology, and human influences that impact our nation’s wetlands.

February 25/26, 2017 (ITO 1203) “Meet the Meat” – As omnivores, we should understand the value and science behind the complex proteins that make up the meat portions of our diets – including the real life farming practices of the beef industry.

March 04/05, 2017 (ITO 1204) “Exploring Dairy Science” – Here’s your chance to explore the science and technology of today’s dairy farming from the history of old-time milking to today’s the hi-tech industry behind the milk and cheese in your refrigerator.

March 11/12, 2017 (ITO 1205) “Ripples In The Forest” – Zip-line through the trees to gain an understanding forest management and related ecosystems from high canopies all the way to the leaf litter to uncover the lifecycles of our recyclable forests.

March 18/19, 2017 (ITO 1206) “Trailing Ice Age Mysteries” – Explore the mysteries both big and small along Wisconsin’s scenic Ice Age Trail to discover glacial mysteries such as drumlins, moraines, eskers, kames, potholes and kettles.

March 25/26, 2017 (ITO 1207) “Amazing Eco-Trek Race” – Would you have what it takes to attempt a gauntlet of physical and mental tests as you faced the safety challenges in navigating four environments while paddling, caving, archery shooting and biking? Find out…


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