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May 5/6, 2018 (ITO 1205) Ripples In The Forest
Hang on as our adventure team zip lines their way through the trees and science of understanding forest management and related ecosystems. They explore from high canopies all the way to the leaf litter to uncover the life-cycle or Wisconsin’s recyclable forests.

May 12/13, 2018 (ITO 1703) Getting Families Fishing
What happens when two kids messing with their cell phones in class get assigned a summer school mission… to go fishin’? They discovery a combination of outdoor lessons about friends, family, boating safety, fish biology, and exploring our National Forests. Join the fun and surprises of what happens when they test newfound angling skills on seven different species of fish, plus navigating wilderness lakes in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest of northern Wisconsin.

May 19/20, 2018 (ITO 1206) Trailing Ice Age Mysteries
Lace up your hiking boots as our adventure team explores the mysteries both big and small along Wisconsin’s scenic Ice Age Trail. From east to west, they hike with experts on different sections of this 1000-mile trail to discover glacial mysteries such as drumlins, moraines, eskers, kames, potholes and kettles.

May 26/27, 2018 (ITO 1207) Amazing Eco-Trek Race
Better grab your energy bars, extra water, sunblock and adventure gear if you hope to keep up with our ITO kids as they embark on one of the biggest adventures of their lives in The Amazing Eco-Trek Race. Josh, Caroline, Emma, and Jacob begin a gauntlet of physical and mental tests where they are scored on how they face challenges in four environments across Wisconsin.

June 2/3, 2018 (ITO 1401) Extreme Survival Strategies
Our ITO Adventure team explores the survival strategies of various species found near the Lac du Flambeau Indian reservation. They join various science experts to reveal how certain species overcome the extremes in weather and other environmental factors to survive, each with their own unique adaptations.

June 9/10, 2018 (ITO 1402) Savvy Sustainability
Join the ITO explorers as they dive into the physics and science of unraveling Einstein’s law of thermodynamics relating to Savvy Sustainability.

June 16/17, 2018 (ITO 1404) Plant Diversities
The ITO science sleuths investigate how plants can create life from the raw “abiotic” elements in the environment, with some even making their own fertilizer from air. They also explore the different ways plants are grown and pollinate, and the vast variety of uses and products for almost every aspect of modern life.

June 23/24, 2018 (ITO 1802) Field Trip: Careers In Agriculture
This episode examines some of the careers that surround soy production. Whether its being a veterinarian for large animals, flying drones, brokering commodities or selling and repairing farm equipment, various skill sets complement the life of a soybean farmer.



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