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Dec 23/24, 2017 (ITO 1701) Sensible Sustainable Solutions

More than ever, people are searching for ways to become more sustainable in their homes, communities and as citizens of Planet Earth. In Sensible Sustainable Solutions, our ITO “green team” travel around the countryside exploring sustainable options and solutions to healthier lives, lands and waters. Using a combination of their drone’s eyes in the sky, on the ground experts and digging into the earth itself, they reveal how everyone can make the Planet more sustainable. From the green waters of Green Bay’s hypoxic zone to the lush landscapes of Green Bay Botanical Garden, you’ll discover simple and sensible ways to create healthier ecosystems wherever you live. Who knows, maybe you’ll even grow a green thumb by “going green”.

Dec 30/31, 2017 (ITO 1705) Dam Removal & Restoration

Today, thousands of communities across the country face the challenges of removing outdated dams that threaten to fail.  So they wrestle with the questions of how to remove these old dams and how can dammed rivers be restored? This show reveals how one community struggled to discover the real worth of their river, then worked through the social, emotional and scientific aspects of removing their dam. Watch this program and you’ll also see how they used similar emotion in science to help in restoring an ecosystem that had been impounded for over 100 years.

Jan 06/07, 2018 (ITO 1401) Extreme Survival Strategies

Our ITO Adventure team explores the survival strategies of various species found near the Lac du Flambeau Indian reservation. They join various science experts to reveal how certain species overcome the extremes in weather and other environmental factors to survive, each with their own unique adaptations.

Jan 13/14, 2018 (ITO 1402) Savvy Sustainability

Join the ITO explorers as they dive into the physics and science of unraveling Einstein’s law of thermodynamics relating to Savvy Sustainability.

Jan 20/21, 2018 (ITO 1404) Plant Diversities

The ITO science sleuths investigate how plants can create life from the raw “abiotic” elements in the environment, with some even making their own fertilizer from air. They also explore the different ways plants are grown and pollinate, and the vast variety of uses and products for almost every aspect of modern life.

Jan 27/28, 2018 (ITO 1405) Know Your H20

Our ITO team of science investigators get their feet wet with the challenge of discovering where clean water comes from and all the people and science involved in the process of making it safe to drink. ITO Mission Control pulls out the hi-tech bag of tricks in sending the ITO team of “water investigators” to water production facilities across the state “going under cover” as water worker “trainees” as they reveal the true story of how water works with experts in the field.  

Feb 03/04, 2018 (ITO 1503) The Science of Industrial Sand Mining

Going undercover as “kids on a mine tour” our ITO investigators reveal the technology and physics of a modern industrial sand mine. They focus on the science and practices that impact the environment while decoding the unique geology behind the secrets of what makes something as simple as sand so darned valuable.

Feb 10/11, 2018 (ITO 1601) Soybean Sustainability

Follow our hosts and Coolbean, the coolest soybean around, as they discover the ways that the soybean industry is environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable. What does the future hold for soybeans? Watch to find out!

Feb 17/18, 2018 (ITO 1301) Here Fishy-Fishy

This episode explores the mysterious world of Wisconsin’s only living fossil – the lake sturgeon. This prehistoric throwback that once faced possible extinction is a conservation success story with the restored populations in Lake Winnebago. In fact, the big lake has one of the highest sturgeon concentrations in the world. Ongoing conservation and restoration programs shared between Native American tribes and the DNR, combine the latest in technology with tradition to ensure the future of this remarkable giant fish.

Feb 24/25, 2018  (ITO 1702) The Science of Modern Biofuels

Did you ever consider the fact that the fuel in your car’s gas tank is mostly ancient sequestered carbon about 400 million years old?  But part of that mixture is also modern recycled carbon made from today’s renewable fuels like ethanol and biodiesel.  In this show, you’ll discover how science and technology can convert corn, corn oil, beef fat and even used French-fry grease into modern biofuels.


March 03/04, 2018 (ITO 1504) A River Reborn

A team of students explores the history and future of humanity’s relationship with the Boardman River. A story unfolds about the challenges of trying to turn back the hands of time by removing dams to once again connect the river with the waters of Lake Michigan.

March 10/11, 2018  (ITO 1302) Chemistry of Life

This episode unravels some of the foundational chemistry that affects everything on planet earth. It begins with the primary conversion of simple chemicals into complex compounds that form the building blocks of all life. Using the further conversions that occur in a dairy cow, the ITO team decodes how plant material is converted to a variety of dairy-related foods that impact our lives. They also explore both the history and hands-on science that viewers can take into their kitchens to learn more for themselves with simple experiments… about the chemistry of life.

March 17/18, 2018 (ITO 1501) Cost of Clean Water

To discover sources and solutions to pollution in watersheds across Wisconsin, our ITO team of “Eco-investigators” wade into the science of water quality. From climbing rooftops in Milwaukee to kayaking down remote rivers, the show explores the challenges and technology experts use in protecting our precious water resources.

March 24/25, 2018 (ITO 1502) Turning Crude Oil into Gasoline

Our ITO adventure team helps unravel the complex chemistry and physics of how a hi-tech oil refinery turns worthless heavy crude into the transportation fuels that drive and fly our society. You won’t believe what they uncover in rearranging hydrocarbon molecules like Legos! They also explore the refinery’s impacts on local air and water quality.



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