Episode Schedule

March 31/April 1, 2018 (ITO 1701) Sensible Sustainable Solutions

More than ever, people are searching for ways to become more sustainable in their homes, communities and as citizens of Planet Earth. In Sensible Sustainable Solutions, our ITO “green team” travel around the countryside exploring sustainable options and solutions to healthier lives, lands and waters.

April 7/8, 2018, 2018 (ITO 1705) Dam Removal & Restoration

Today, thousands of communities across the country face the challenges of removing outdated dams that threaten to fail.  This show reveals how one community struggled to discover the real worth of their river, then worked through the social, emotional and scientific aspects of removing their dam. Watch this program and you’ll also see how they used similar emotion in science to help in restoring an ecosystem that had been impounded for over 100 years.

April 14/15, 2018 (ITO 1202) Wetlands Wisdom

Join our adventure team as they wade into the murky science of understanding our wetlands workings and ecosystems.

April 21/22, 2018 (ITO 1204) Exploring Dairy Science

Join our adventure team as they explore the science and technology of today’s dairy farming.  Spanning the history of old-time milking to the hi-tech present, the ITO hosts discover how the dairy industry has changed dramatically in the past 100 years from raising cows to milking them.

April 28/29, 2018 (ITO 1704) America’s Hunter Legacy

Explore the history of hunting in North America and the evolution of “wildlife conservation”… including how it’s funded through regulated hunting and fishing. Our ITO adventure team joins wildlife biologists in the field as they investigate the science of wildlife management of two prominent species; the white-tailed deer, and the American black bear.



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