Episode Schedule

Jan 05/06, 2019 (ITO 1704) America’s Hunter Legacy
America’s Hunter Legacy explores the history of hunting in North America and the evolution of “wildlife conservation”… including how it’s funded through regulated hunting and fishing.

Jan 12/13, 2019 (ITO 1701) Sensible Sustainable Solutions
More than ever, people are searching for ways to become more sustainable in their homes, communities and as citizens of Planet Earth. In Sensible Sustainable Solutions, our ITO “green team” travel around the countryside exploring sustainable options and solutions to healthier lives, lands and waters.

Jan 19/20, 2019 (ITO 1405) Know Your H20
Our ITO team of science investigators get their feet wet with the challenge of discovering where clean water comes from and all the people and science involved in the process of making it safe to drink.

Jan 26/27, 2019 (ITO 1801) Becoming Stewards: Waste Resource Management
This episode explores waste resource management and how youth can become stewards of sustainability. It looks at all that goes into a landfill, how recycling happens, what to do about new emerging hazardous waste products and the future of the industry through the eyes of young leaders.


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