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Oct. 20, 2018 (ITO 1803) Not So Sure: Protecting Forests, Enhancing Lives

What is sustainable forestry and how are our lives enriched from proper forest management?  These answers and more fill up this half-hour as we follow trees from the forest to finished products.

Oct 27/28, 2018 (ITO 1802) Field Trip: Careers In Agriculture

This episode examine some of the careers that surround soy production. Whether its being a veterinarian for large animals, flying drones, brokering commodities or selling and repairing farm equipment, various skill sets compliment the life of a soybean farmer.

Nov 03/04, 2018 (ITO 1501) Cost of Clean Water

To discover sources and solutions to pollution in watersheds across Wisconsin, our ITO team of “Eco-investigators” wade into the science of water quality.

Nov 10/11, 2018 (ITO 1502) Turning Crude Oil into Gasoline

Our ITO adventure team helps unravel the complex chemistry and physics of how a hi-tech oil refinery turns worthless heavy crude into the transportation fuels that drive and fly our society.

Nov 17/18, 2018 (ITO 1503) The Science of Industrial Sand Mining

Going undercover as “kids on a mine tour” our ITO investigators reveal the technology and physics of a modern industrial sand mine. They focus on the science and practices that impact the environment while decoding the unique geology behind the secrets of what makes something as simple as sand so darned valuable.

Nov 24/25, 2018 (ITO 1504) A River Reborn

A team of students explores the history and future of humanity’s relationship with the Boardman River. A story unfolds about the challenges of trying to turn back the hands of time by removing dams to once again connect the river with the waters of Lake Michigan.



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