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Episode Schedule

Aug 03/04, 2019 (ITO 1805) Avian Stewards
Discover how to become an avian steward as we visit a variety of birds big and small, including ospreys, herons, waterfowl, eagles and migrators. Plus learn what you can do at home to make your yard bird friendly.

Aug 10/11, 2019(ITO 1802) Field Trip: Careers in Agriculture
This episode examines some of the careers that surround soy production. Whether its being a veterinarian for large animals, flying drones, brokering commodities or selling and repairing farm equipment, various skill sets complement the life of a soybean farmer.

Aug 17/18, 2019 (ITO 1801) Becoming Stewards: Waste Resource Management
This episode explores waste resource management and how youth can become stewards of sustainability. It looks at all that goes into a landfill, how recycling happens, what to do about new emerging hazardous waste products and the future of the industry through the eyes of young leaders.

Aug 24/25, 2019(ITO 1501) Cost of Clean Water
To discover sources and solutions to pollution in watersheds across Wisconsin, our ITO team of “Eco-investigators” wade into the science of water quality. From climbing rooftops in Milwaukee to kayaking down remote rivers, the show explores the challenges and technology experts use in protecting our precious water resources.


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