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Episode Schedule

Oct 31/Nov 1, 2020 (ITO 1906) Wild About Walleye
Our ITO youth leaders are tasked with preparing a special fish dinner for their grandparent by catching one of the most prized fish, the walleye! They must dive into fish biology, master fishing techniques, and crack myths in order to discover avenues for others to sustainably harvest this elusive fish all year round.

Nov 07/08, 2020 (ITO 1904) Careers in Conservation
In this episode we reveal how recruiting our next generation of outdoor enthusiasts and conservation careers will help manage and preserve America’s natural resources for everyone to enjoy for generations to come.

Nov 14/15, 2020 (ITO 1908) High Schooling for Bass
Discover the pathways to forming or joining your school’s bass fishing club by fishing with two ITO teens as they team up with a high school state fishing champ to learn the easy steps to forming a fishing club.
They even learn tricks to fishing in high school tournaments where they can win scholarships to colleges and continue to blend academics with fishing adventures.

Nov 21/22, 2020 (ITO 1909) Crazy for Crappies
What happens when a kid is challenged by his teacher to become a more sustainable steward for Planet Earth … by going fishing? Join our young adventurer as he dives into fish conservation and discovers the great eating, family fun, and environmental rewards to fishing.

Nov 28/29, 2020 (ITO 1905) Clovis Kids Cookoff
What begins as an anthropology assignment at the mammoth museum turns into a cave-man discovery cookoff where the kids learn and test their “Clovis” skills for securing wild game to feed their clan. The kids even get cast back in time 15,000 years to test their survival skills against Paleo mega-fauna such as woolly mammoths.

Dec 05/06, 2020 (ITO 2013) Into Safe and Smart Boating (Part 1)
In this Into the Outdoors episode, Adventure Team members Zach and Sophia get a crash course in boating safety education.

Dec 12/13, 2020 (ITO 2014) Into Safe and Smart Boating (Part 2)
In this Into the Outdoors episode, Adventure Team members Zach and Sophia put their boating safety knowledge to the test when they head out on a family fishing trip.

Dec 19/20, 2020 (ITO 1907) Florida Fishin’ Fun-Fest [Everglades National Park]
Two ITO teens explore a day in the life of a fishing guide in Everglades National Park fishing the saltwater labyrinth in the mangroves. They discover the secrets to the art of fishing for red-fish, snook and sea trout while learning the challenges of becoming the Everglade’s newest “junior fishing guides”, plus offering pathways for others to enjoy Florida fishing fun.

Dec 26/27, 2020 (ITO 1701) Sensible Sustainable Solutions
More than ever, people are searching for ways to become more sustainable in their homes, communities and as citizens of Planet Earth. In Sensible Sustainable Solutions, our ITO “green team” travel around the countryside exploring sustainable options and solutions to healthier lives, lands and waters.



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