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Episode Schedule

Jan 02/03, 2021 (ITO 1911) Electrifying Careers in Energy
Our ITO investigators have a new secret mission: to go undercover and reveal the true story behind electricity! Join our investigation and decode the exciting careers in energy and the parts of the “electrical transmission system” that impact our world today.

Jan 09/10, 20201 (ITO 1601) Soybean Sustainability
Follow our hosts and Coolbean, the coolest soybean around, as they discover the ways that the soybean industry is environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable. What does the future hold for soybeans? Watch to find out!

Jan 16/17, 20201 (ITO 1801) Becoming Stewards: Waste Resource Management
This episode explores waste resource management and how youth can become stewards of sustainability. It looks at all that goes into a landfill, how recycling happens, what to do about new emerging hazardous waste products and the future of the industry through the eyes of young leaders.

Jan 23/24, 20201 (ITO 1803) Protecting Forests, Enhancing Lives
What is the difference of a protected vs. a preserved forest and how are our lives enriched from proper forest management? These answers and more fill up this half-hour as we follow the practices of a naturalist and sustainable harvesting technicians.

Jan 30/31, 20201 (ITO 2014) Into Safe and Smart Boating – Part 2
In this Into the Outdoors episode, Adventure Team member Zach and his parents discover and share boating safety knowledge when they head out on a family fishing trip. See if you can beat Zach’s mom and dad during their various and fun boating safety quizzes.



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