Environmental Science


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Duh, we don’t need to define this one. It’s simply yet complexly the study of our entire environment. This includes macro-environments such as the bacteria in your birdbath to as big as a certain regional biome covering a thousand square miles.

And talk about impacting our lives! Wowser! More than ever, the health of our environment affects all of our lives and our future on this blue planet. Studying the different branches of environmental science equips us with the knowledge to tackle big challenges that include pollution, sustainability of ecosystems and climate change… and so many more that affect our air, water, and lands.

Yeah, this is all pretty big stuff. But with our help you’re not only up to the learning challenge, you’ll someday be ready to pitch in as a savvy scientist to help make the planet a healthier place for everything that lives on it, including you. Can you think of a better job to have someday?

It’s easy to see how the study of environmental science is interwoven with all the other fields of science. Take a moment to explore some of the topics here that will empower you to play your important role in the environment. And if you’re a teacher or student, you’ve struck it rich here in free learning tools. Each topic has at-home or classroom learning assets in the form of science videos and their companion lesson activities. Everyone can watch the videos to get excited and informed about a topic while teachers can download the lesson guides for quality classroom learning through the process of discovery based critical thinking.