Farm Science

2 kids by tractor

Josh and Caroline are ready to begin planting beans.

Once you wade into the fields of Farm Science, you’ll quickly discover that it’s a whole lot more than grazing a few cows or growing some beans. Not only that, you’ll also learn how serious farm science impacts entire populations around the world.

Like the other main fields of science, Farm Science intertwines biology, chemistry, earth science, social science and environmental science. Don’t forget energy science either. Ethanol is made from corn with the help of some biology, chemistry and physics. And before you eat another helping of edamame in your stir-fry, be sure to check out the ag science story of soy and how this ancient legume does some magic tricks in the soil and in technology labs.

It’s easy to see how studying farm science can empower you to play an important role in this field of science that blends the earth, air, and water with life forms that impact humanity. And if you’re a teacher or student, you’ve struck it rich here in free learning tools. Each topic has at-home or classroom learning assets in the form of science videos and their companion lesson activities. Everyone can watch the videos to get excited and informed about a topic while teachers can download the lesson guides for quality classroom learning through the process of discovery based critical thinking.

Now click on some of these topics as you “plow” your way into the next crop of farm science. Oh, we’re so funny… sometimes.