Life Science

Life Science is the study of… well, life – you know, living organisms like you and your pet, and everything else that’s alive on this planet of ours.

It includes the study of several branches of science, such as biology, medicine, anthropology, or ecology, or anything that deals with living organisms and their organization, life processes, and relationships to each other and their environment. It’s also called bioscience because it’s pretty heavy into BIO-logy. Meo-mio-bio!

girl holding sturgeon

This captured sturgeon was too small for the relocation project. They need to be 20 years old to reproduce.

Dabble in any of the other sciences and you’ll quickly see how Life Science is so strongly interconnected with all the other fields of science. Explore some of our topics here such as “Becoming a Wetlands Ecologist” or “Extreme Survival Strategies” and you’ll get a sense of the far-reaching implications of Life Science on everything. And if you ever wonder how important it is to your life, simply ask your doctor or dentist next time you see them. We bet a nickel that it’s their favorite field of science.

It’s easy to see how the study of life science is interwoven with all the other fields of science. Take a moment to explore some of the topics here that will empower you to play your important role in one of the fields of life science. And if you’re a teacher or student, you’ve struck it rich here in free learning tools. Each topic has at-home or classroom learning assets in the form of science videos and their companion lesson activities. Everyone can watch the videos to get excited and informed about a topic while teachers can download the lesson guides for quality classroom learning through the process of discovery based critical thinking.