Natural Resource Science

We depend upon our natural resources for the building blocks of everyday life. Our homes would collapse without wood and cement from our forest and lands. Transportation and industry would grind to a halt with iron, glass, and other minerals that form the fabric of our technologies. And perhaps the most precious resource of all; water, is the vital ingredient to all life on the planet, including the natural resources of fish and wildlife.

trees upward view

To use and interact with all these precious resources wisely, we need to understand natural resource science and the interrelationships of how managing those resources affect them and the ripple effects on our planet. So take a moment to explore some of the topics here that will empower you to play an intelligent role in using or preserving our natural resources. And if you’re a teacher or student, you’ve struck it rich here in free learning tools. Each topic has at-home or classroom learning assets in the form of science videos and their companion lesson activities. Everyone can watch the videos to get excited and informed about a topic while teachers can download the lesson guides for quality classroom learning through the process of discovery based critical thinking.