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Sturgeon Conservation

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Did you know that sturgeon have been around since the age of dinosaurs? No kidding - That’s a 150 million years! Discover this and more by watching the four parts of this science show and reading the information below...

Native American Relationship with Sturgeon

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Seasonal subsistence was a key in the lifestyles of Native Americans and fish resources have been an important part of their diet throughout history. So it makes you wonder… how has their relationship with fish resour...

Biological Carrying Capacity

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Before you discover the science behind "Biological Carrying Capacity", consider all the other cool science you can explore on this website that combines learning with fun... that's right, it's legal and it's free. So ...

Comparing Fish Life Cycles

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Comparing the fish life cycles of various species that share the same body of water helps biologists understand the bigger picture of the whole ecosystem. Want to explore the underwater world of some interesting fi...