Campgrounds across the country are breaking new attendance records as families are rediscovering the fun and family connections of camping. Despite stories around the campfire and roasting S’mores (here’s a recipe in case you’re new to this camping delight) one of the more exciting ways to have fun while camping is by going fishing. And because many campgrounds offer fishing opportunities, it’s a great blend of family fun and feeding the family with a fresh fish dinner… ah, that is IF you know how to catch fish.

For many campers new to angling, that big IF of knowledge often separates failure from success. That’s why the educational videos on this page offer sensible and simple methods for kids and their families to catch fish. As you’ll see, combining docks, worms, bobbers and bluegills is a easy and successful way to introduce new anglers to freshwater fishing.

Typical species to catch from a dock include, bluegill, sunfish, perch, crappie, catfish, bass (both largemouth and smallmouth) and maybe even some of the bigger predator fish such as northern pike and muskie. That’s why dock fishing offers an easy, simple and relaxing way to catch fish, especially when using natural live bait like red worms, night crawlers, crickets and minnows.

One of the angling challenges of fishing from shore or a dock however, is that you’re often limited to a very small area of water and only the fish that inhabit one type of aquatic ecosystem. And it doesn’t take too much imagination as you look out across the water toward the other side of a big lake or river, or seeing other anglers in boats, to realize how you can multiply your chance of success by fishing almost anywhere on that water… from a boat.

That’s why we included Into Family Fishing and Boating, plus, Fishing 102 – From A Boat videos you can watch (see the video thumbnails upper right) . But if you really want to dive into some educational fun about blending fishing, boating and camping, have your teacher use the free lesson activity below. It will really get you and your classroom thinking critically about how campgrounds can work with anglers and boaters to generate more happy campers by creatively developing fishing-boating facilities and activities. Learn more about this topic in the LEARN MORE section below. Well, of course, even to a fish, that makes sense…

By now you must be ready to get into Family Fishing and Boating, right?

As you’ll discover in our video library of Getting Families Fishing episodes and the related educational topic videos, fishing and boating are fantastic ways to spend time with family, learn about conservation, enjoy the outdoors, AND learn about aquatic science and yourself.

So take a moment and explore the dozens of videos on fishing and aquatic science here. The custom learning videos you’ll find there are designed to share with your entire classroom. You’ll also find other educational content, including custom lesson activities that blend peer-driven learning and hands-on activities. Now go learn to catch fish!

And for even more information and resources related to fishing and boating, head to TakeMeFishing.org and DiscoverBoating.com. To learn more about America’s Getting Families Fishing Initiative, head to the Future Angler Foundation.



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