If you drive or ride in a car, then you burn gasoline, right? And it’s likely blended with some stuff called ethanol. So it only makes sense that you really should know what both of those fuels are made from, and maybe even how they’re made.

Natural gas also plays a vital role in your life, especially if you want to heat your home, office or school this winter. So what is it, really? And how’s it different from gas-oline?

who-knowsAlright, we don’t want you to ponder these important questions all night long when you should be catching up on your sleep. So let’s cut to the chase and test your Energy IQ. Plus, let’s make it really fun by trying it with your friends or family. Here’s how to begin.

First, gather your friends or family around the computer and have everyone get ready to write down their answers on separate sheets of paper. Now start playing the video, and get ready to hit the “pause button” (II – lower left on video player screen) after one of our Energy Investigators asks one of the critical energy questions. Then have everyone write down the question and their IQ answer.

Once everyone writes their answer, resume playing the video to see what these people filling up their vehicles at the gas station had to say. Then pause the video again and start a fun debate about who has the right answer and why. When you’re ready for the next question, move on and explore all the different areas of your energy savvy.

But when you’re finished playing the quiz, will you really know all the correct answers? Maybe not. And will you be qualified to intelligently discuss the pros, cons, or science behind each critical energy question? Fear not, friend. Answers to all of the questions and so much more await you with only a few clicks of your mouse. Simply go back to the Energy Science icon on the homepage, and choose the most logical topic to discover the real science that drives your everyday world.

Midwest Dusk1920Also, take a moment and explore the Energy category landing page that explains much more about our energy education program. The video there is the same energy quiz found on this page. And stay tuned to both your television and online for our upcoming episode and classroom science videos on The reality, science and solutions to, SHAPING OUR ENERGY FUTURE.

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