Here’s something to consider… if the special tax on fishing and boating gear plus fishing license sales pays for our fisheries management programs, what happens to managing our fisheries resources if angler numbers and their funding dollars are on the decline? The answer is that our fisheries resources can suffer. That means aquatic habitat and the fish that live there.

That’s why agencies across the country have embarked on a campaign to recruit, retain and reactivate more anglers. It’s called R3 and it requires trying innovative programs to take fishing to the people so they can discover… their “first catch”.  In particular, watch and learn what the Keystone State is doing to take fishing opportunities to the masses.

So let’s say you’re a kid looking for pathways to discover fishing. Part of the solution might be to recruit a fishing mentor in the form of a relative or family friend (begging them is fine if that’s what it takes). But what if you’re stuck in the city, don’t have any fishing gear, and don’t really know how to catch a fish yet… how in the heck can you ever make that first catch?

Though the first video here is about how the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission sometimes takes people to the fishing, and also takes fishing to the people, most states agencies and tons of organizations have programs for kids to discover fishing and make their first catch. The second video (thumbnail on the right) is about the agency challenges and solutions to creating fish catch opportunities for citizens. Agencies and R3 programs will find some helpful takeaways in this video.

But what about you? Though it may take a few clicks surfing the Internet, you might be surprised what fishing programs are available near you… and most of them are not only free, some like those run by the Future Angler Foundation, not only put a rod and reel in your hands… they actually give it to you so you can keep on fishing. No kidding! And don’t forget to check out our friends at TakeMeFishing from the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation. Lots of cool resources there.

So you can share this learning adventure with your entire classroom, this classroom educational video also has a companion lesson activity below that’s free for you and your teacher to download for fun-filled, peer-driven learning. So be sure share these educational links with your classmates and teacher when you’re back in class.

Until then, explore and enjoy the journey of discovery in all of the classroom videos and free lessons in our Getting Families Fishing Series.


For all kinds of helpful information and resources on how kids can learn where-to and how-to go fishing, explore our companion KidsFishing.US website. You’ll also find lots of fun educational resources for classroom or lakeside learning… and even how to recruit a mentor to take you fishing!. Plus, be sure to check out all the helpful resources on TakeMeFishing.org.


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