Into the Outdoors is an 18-time Emmy ® Award-winning education network that empowers today’s youth, and the adults around them, to think critically about our planet. Part science lesson and part adventure, Into the Outdoors uncovers the stories behind sensible solutions to creating a better planet.

Hosted by kids, for kids, Into the Outdoors takes a unique approach to education that empowers youth to be their own educational guides. By giving kids the tools they need and the confidence to conduct their own research, we are creating generations of action-focused youth.

Our episodes explore topics such as renewable energy, climate change and wildlife conservation while also delving into the realm of outdoor recreation with topics such as boating safety, shooting sports and angling. Alongside these episodes, we’ve created open-source educational video resources with accompanying lesson plans for educators to use in their classrooms. Through education, together we can create a better world.


Into the Outdoors was created in 2001 by Rick Rose and Mark McNease.  Since 2001, Into the Outdoors has been awarded 18 Emmy ® Awards for various aspects of our brand.

Our Impact

The Into the Outdoors Education Network impacts millions watching on 165 channels with ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and PBS affiliates reaching 730,000 viewers each week. This educational television series is the only program to earn 18 Emmys from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for the top youth educational series in the Midwest.

All of the educational videos and classroom lesson plans we create are distributed open-source nationally to every state/federal agency, and that free distribution extends to the entire conservation community of educational institutions, school districts, orgs and corporations to use freely to enhance their educational programs.

Into the Outdoors is involved in a variety of initiatives including the Getting Families Fishing a Boating Initiative, The Wildlife Initiative for Conservation Education (TWICE) and the Adaptive Recreation Education Initiative, and more. We utilize these partnerships and extensive reach to promote the conservation and stewardship of our planet.

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