Wolves are vital to the function of a healthy ecosystem because of their role as an apex predator.

As seen in Yellowstone National Park, the absence of wolves has a trickle-down effect on all species in the ecosystem, including plants and even the landscape.

Join our Into the Outdoors Adventure Team members as they talk with an ecologist to learn more about the impact wolves have on Yellowstone National Park.

The relationship we have with wolves today stems from a long history of misunderstanding wolves.

By learning about wolf behavior and how human actions historically impacted their way of life, we can begin to understand the events that followed from a new perspective.

Join our Into the Outdoors Adventure Team as they meet up with a wildlife expert from the Ojibwe tribe to learn more about our history with wolves.

In this Into the Outdoors episode, Adventure Team members, Zach and Mya, dive deep into the history and identity of wolves.

They talk with a variety of environmental experts about the relationships with wolves in different ecosystems as well as the cultural significance to the Ojibwe tribe.

Viewers will learn along with Zach and Mya as they find out if the big bad wolf is actually bad or a big help to the environment.