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Clovis Kids Cook-off
Clovis Kids Cook-off

Welcome to Clovis Kids Cook-off as part of our America’s Conservation & Hunting Heritage Series.

As you’ll discover in this video, our hunting heritage offers you pathways to learning about how humankind historically and presently harvests wild game, and the rewards of sustainably preparing and consuming our renewable wild resources with your clan.

Okay, so there's several great ways to enjoy and share the "truly wild", wildlife and conservation education in this show.

First, you can kick back with family or friends to watch this entire half-hour television episode to get the full content in one sitting. Kinda like enjoying a full course meal. Yum-yum.

Then there's the shorter, custom segments on the noted links below. These are the custom "classroom" or learning videos with some bonus content designed to share with your entire classroom. On these links below you'll also find lots of other educational content, including custom lesson activities for your teacher to take your entire classroom on a three to four day journey of peer-driven learning blended with fun and hands-on pathways to try outdoor pursuits yourself.

Whichever way you decide to enjoy the fun and educational content, it's a win-win way for you to get engaged with pathways to discovering more about yourself and the great outdoors.

Until then, enjoy the journey of discovery in all of the content in our America’s Conservation & Hunting Heritage Series.


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