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Exploring Dairy Science

How has dairy farming changed in the past 200 years? Discover the answers by watching the four parts of this science show and reading the information below. And to take this learning adventure into your classroom, have your teacher download the free Lesson Guides at the bottom of this page so everyone can share in the fun of this inquiry based learning.

Historically, many families had their own dairy. Well, kinda - they had a cow.  It was a pretty simple operation back then. The cow ate grass, its udder filled with milk, and the farmer and their family milked the cow by hand – twice a day. As more people started living in cities, dairy farmers began selling their milk in towns. It involved milking more cows by hand, pouring it into barrels then selling it door-to-door from a wagon. That was a lot hard work to make a living. Many of them also began making their own butter and cheese from their cow’s milk. It grew to the point that by 1900, Wisconsin had become the leading state in the nation for producing milk, butter and cheese.

Join our adventure team as they explore the science and technology of today’s dairy farming. Spanning the history of old-time milking to the hi-tech present, the ITO hosts discover how the dairy industry has changed dramatically in the past 100 years from raising cows to milking them.

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