Are shooting sports great for all ages and skill levels?

If you like action-packed fun with family and friends, shooting sports might be the perfect sport for you! Find out more and how to safely and responsibly use firearms, shotgun sports, hunting and more.

How can students get involved in scholastic shooting sports at school? Along with making new friends and learning a new skill, are there also potential opportunities for scholarship dollars?

Check out this Into the Outdoors at Home video to find out more!

When you hear conservation, you may think research, improving habitat and protecting wildlife, but shooting sports also are a driving force behind funding.

Archery, trap shooting, sporting clays, long-range shooting or simply target practice for fun, all help fund conservation efforts.

On this episode of Into the Outdoors, we will learn more about the different kinds of shooting sports and meet people whose lives have been changed/improved due to their involvement.

Our Adventure Team will highlight: Archery, Scholastic Shooting Sports, Firearm Ranges and Conservation.