What’s the one tiny creature that feeds one of the biggest food webs in North America, including whales?

In this video and lesson, you'll discover these answers and more as you “decode” the biotic and abiotic energy flows and related lifeforms in the Tongass National Forest ecosystems… and how our National Forests play a vital role in keeping Planet Earth healthy.

Discover how a kid, his dad and grandpa use one of the oldest methods of fishing to catch 30 fish in a half hour in Alaska, America’s Last Frontier.

Besides sharing the family fun, this show reveals ecosystem science, aquatic biology, history and a first-hand look at the wildlife wonders in our nation’s largest National Forest.

On this Into the Outdoors episode, we catch our dinner!

Bowfishing combines hunting and fishing.

Our sights are set on invasive species in the Potomac River near the Virginia-Maryland border.

This is a family outing with a twist. First, we will bowfish and then, we will learn how to fry up our catch for a fish fry.

We learn more about all of the different species of fish you can target while bowfishing, including large goldfish!

On this episode of Into the Outdoors, our Adventure Team discovers the wild world of bowfishing for silver carp.

Hang on to your hats as we learn how to catch these invasive fish with a bow, not a rod!

This episode is action packed as we highlight the importance of aerial shooting with archery gear and how it helps curb this invasive menace in Indiana.

In this peer-driven lesson, students will learn how to research and evaluate where to find angling opportunities in National Forests. They will also develop a “Investment versus Rewards” presentation for classroom debate on the short-term and lasting personal rewards of angling in America’s National Forests.

In this Into the Outdoors episode, join in the adventure, fun, discovery and the making of lasting memories as you watch two families on four different family fishing adventures in our National Forests. Besides fighting fish and remarkable wilderness

Does your boat pass the US Coast Guard safety check? You should be packing a lot more than just sunscreen and a water bottle if you’re heading out onto the water. Come along as Adventure Team members Zach and Charlie join US Coast Guard Auxiliary members on real boat safety inspections! There are a lot of useful tools and technologies that could save your life during a boating accident, but they are no good to you if you don’t have them on your boat in the first place! Next time you head out for a day of fun, check to make sure you have all the safety equipment you need to keep you safe out on the water!

You might think technology and water don’t mix, and in most cases you’d probably be right, but there are a lot of technologies that are specifically designed to aid you in the case of a boating accident! Have you heard of a personal locator beacon? How about an emergency position

In this Into the Outdoors episode, we’re meeting up with the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary to learn more about different boating technologies that could save your life in the case of a boating accident. We use technology every day, and there are tons of different tools you should keep on your vessel to aid in the case of an emergency. Join Adventure Team members Zach and Charlie as they head to the marina to learn what items you should have aboard your vessel and what safety precautions you should do before even stepping foot on the dock!


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In this Into the Outdoors episode, we learn about bowfishing for the invasive species, common carp.

Watch as Into the Outdoors Adventure Team members, Garrett and Kayla bowfish during the spawn near Green Bay, Wisconsin.

We learn how bowfishing plays an important role in conservation efforts to protect native fish in lakes and rivers.

Our team also identifies how to get into the sport, what gear you need and why this is family friendly sport.

This episode is action-packed and all about fun!