When you hear conservation, you may think research, improving habitat and protecting wildlife, but shooting sports also are a driving force behind funding.

Archery, trap shooting, sporting clays, long-range shooting or simply target practice for fun, all help fund conservation efforts.

On this episode of Into the Outdoors, we will learn more about the different kinds of shooting sports and meet people whose lives have been changed/improved due to their involvement.

Our Adventure Team will highlight: Archery, Scholastic Shooting Sports, Firearm Ranges and Conservation.

In this peer-driven lesson, students will learn how to research and evaluate where to find angling opportunities in National Forests. They will also develop a “Investment versus Rewards” presentation for classroom debate on the short-term and lasting personal rewards of angling in America’s National Forests.

In this Into the Outdoors episode, join in the adventure, fun, discovery and the making of lasting memories as you watch two families on four different family fishing adventures in our National Forests. Besides fighting fish and remarkable wilderness

Does your boat pass the US Coast Guard safety check? You should be packing a lot more than just sunscreen and a water bottle if you’re heading out onto the water. Come along as Adventure Team members Zach and Charlie join US Coast Guard Auxiliary members on real boat safety inspections! There are a lot of useful tools and technologies that could save your life during a boating accident, but they are no good to you if you don’t have them on your boat in the first place! Next time you head out for a day of fun, check to make sure you have all the safety equipment you need to keep you safe out on the water!

You might think technology and water don’t mix, and in most cases you’d probably be right, but there are a lot of technologies that are specifically designed to aid you in the case of a boating accident! Have you heard of a personal locator beacon? How about an emergency position

In this Into the Outdoors episode, we’re meeting up with the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary to learn more about different boating technologies that could save your life in the case of a boating accident. We use technology every day, and there are tons of different tools you should keep on your vessel to aid in the case of an emergency. Join Adventure Team members Zach and Charlie as they head to the marina to learn what items you should have aboard your vessel and what safety precautions you should do before even stepping foot on the dock!


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In this lesson students will consider the critical question of what bowfishing is and how it affects the environment and invasive species like common carp.

The sport of bowfishing the common carp is a lot of fun, but with all hunting sports, it is also important to learn the ethics and techniques first.

This lesson will help students investigate bowfishing at night. Students will use process writing as a method to think through the process of fishing in steps and consider all the necessary actions to take to become a successful angler.

The sport of bowfishing can be very productive at night.

When you bowfish at night, there are new considerations such as depth perception and fish identification in the dark.

Find out more in this lesson!

In this Into the Outdoors episode, we’re heading out on the water in a variety of different water crafts!

Water sports have gained popularity in recent years, and with more people out on the water, we want to make sure everyone is enjoying the water safely.

Join Adventure Team members Zach and Charlie as they try out stand up paddle boards (SUPs), kayaks, canoes and personal watercrafts (PWCs), while learning the important safety steps to take before getting in the water. Think you know all about these fun watercrafts?

Test your knowledge along with Zach and Charlie in this exciting and knowledge-packed episode!

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of launching your canoe, or other watercraft, and forget to follow the proper safety measures to keep yourself safe in the case of an accident.

However, taking these precautions could end up saving your life. Join Adventure Team members Zach and Charlie as they prepare for their water adventure by taking a variety of safety measures before launching their canoe.

Having a float plan and sharing it with someone, knowing your plan of action in the case of an emergency and being prepared for your adventure with the right gear/equipment can help you in the case of an accident, or even prevent one from happening.

Test yourself! Are these things you do before heading out on the water?