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Archery Shooting Challenge
Archery Shooting Challenge

One reason people participate in sports is to increase their skills through some sort of challenge. The challenge can simply be a personal one where you're improving your skills or score, such as bowling or golf. Or, more competitive challenges might be trying to win in casual or structured competitions against other contestants or teams. Archery is no different.

A fun and simple form of archery is shooting at clumps of grass, leaves, or sticks out in the forest. It's called "stump shooting" where you use a special tip on your arrow that catches on brush and makes it easier to find after the shot. You can roam at leisure while shooting by yourself, or make it more competitive by shooting with a friend or two.

Target shooting at an archery range offers a variety of competitive challenges, from shooting with friends to a formal "archery shoot" or tournament. Archery tournaments some in all shapes and sizes from local, to regional, to state, to national, to international and even the Olympics... or even in school with NASP (National Archery in the Schools Program) shown here.

Some archery ranges also offer more realistic challenges of shooting at wild animals. For instance there are 3-D archery ranges that have life-size three-dimensional targets that look like real deer, bear, turkeys and other wild animals.

Other ranges might have printed actual images of real animals such as bears or mountain lions that can offer fun shooting challenges, especially if your shooting partner helps with the fun factor with interaction. Just watch the video here to see how these teens have fun with a friendly competition while pretending to face dangerous wild predators.

To discover some of the many ways you can have fun and increase your shooting skills in various archery challenges, click on the Learn More tab below. And to explore archery in your classroom, have your teacher download the lesson activity below. Also, enjoy the journey of discovery in all of the content in our America’s Conservation & Hunting Heritage Series funded by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service in partnership with Safari Club International Foundation, a nonprofit org dedicated to promoting wildlife conservation across the country. And even if you don’t decide to try the challenge of shooting sports, consider the fact that everyone who participates in these sports helps fund conservation programs that all Americans enjoy.



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