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Into Forestry: Heroes of the Forest
Into Forestry: Heroes of the Forest

There are heroes out there. You may not recognize them, hiding in the trees, but they are there. Agents doing their job with skill and strength, wielding the most advanced technology, fighting disease and pestilence, managing our resources for the service of humanity. They are the Heroes of the Forest.

Trees and forests provide so much for us: places of beauty and recreation, shade for our homes, wood products like paper and building materials, habitats for animals, clean air, and more. It’s important that they are managed sustainably, which means caring for them so they will be healthy and provide resources for future generations.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources collaborates with a vast network of professionals who manage the ecological, economic, social, and cultural well-being of our forests. This episode explores the variety of careers in the field of Forestry, from silviculturists to data analysts, fire fighters to GIS specialists. Students are introduced to opportunities and programs that provide training and pathways to diverse careers. The technology used for forest management and wood-product manufacturing is showcased. The importance of diversity in the field is emphasized, showing that individuals from all backgrounds and communities should have a voice and participate in the care of our natural resources.

Join Into the Outdoors Adventure Team members, Charlie and Lucas, as they embark on a special mission to meet and recruit Heroes of the Forest.

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