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High School Bass Club 104
High School Bass Club 104

As you watch all four videos in this series on forming your high school bass fishing club, you might consider taking notes on all the things you learn about catching bass, aquatic biology, different aquatic ecosystems, electronics and relationships. And if you think that this starter list is impressive, just wait until you begin team fishing with your friends in either friendly competition or in real bass tournaments.

In this final segment, we'll explore some of those things you'll learn, then offer some advice on what to expect when your team actually enters a fishing tournament in the LEARN MORE section below.

If you can identify several physical differences between largemouth and smallmouth bass by watching our handful of classroom videos here,  just imagine all you'll learn about bass as you continue to lean from fishing, catching and sharing your adventures with your club and other teams. And if you think about it, belonging to your bass fishing club will expand your knowledge of:

  • Aquatic ecosystems with biotic and abiotic factors ideal for bass habitat
  • Feeding and activity characteristics of species of bass, depending on a host of variables such as time of year, weather, barometric pressure, wind, and more
  • Life cycles of bass, including spawning times, age classes, and variables that affect the various stages in their life cycle.
  • What bass feed on, when, and why. Then what you can do as a bass angler to catch the most or biggest bass.
  • How to use maps and navigational aids combined with your knowledge of habitat and feeding characteristics to locate where to bass in a body of water.
  • State-of-the-art technologies for identifying underwater features, habitats and finding fish.

You can probably add a bunch more to this list of what you'll learn in your bass club. But the bottom line is that over time your bass fishing club can help you mature into a "professor of bass-ology" while building relationships that can last a lifetime.

To learn some tips on how you and your team can fish in bass tournaments, explore the LEARN MORE section below.

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