Hooks & Baits

Some say that the most vivid and fond memories that people develop have several common elements:

An outdoor experience that happens when someone is 10-12 years old
Shared with family members or friends
Involved being near or on the water
Catching their first fish

Oh my gosh! That sounds just like the “Cane Poles & Kids” media that you’ll find here. So, if you’re interested in developing a treasured memory that will last a lifetime, have tons of fun, and learn about aquatic ecosystems, then watch the videos here, check out all the How-To-Fish videos on the resources links, and ask your teacher to download and use the free lesson activities that can help you and your entire class discovers all the fun and aquatic education… to then go fishing with family or friends.

To learn even more about aquatic and angling science, watch more of our family fishing television episodes and classroom videos with interactive lesson activities for your teacher to download.

Also, be sure to explore the links below of our educational partners who want to help you discover the personal rewards of becoming an environmental steward through fishing.