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Into Safe and Smart Boating - Part 2
Into Safe and Smart Boating - Part 2

As you'll see in this television episode, parents like to show how much they know... or what they think they know. We get it. It’s part of being a parent. So watch and learn how to use simple quizzes to test their boating safety savvy while also making them aware of key boating safety points… such as:

  • What are 3 smart reasons for putting on your PFD before getting on the dock or your boat?
  • What are 3 important things to have on board before leaving the dock? And ask them “why” certain safety gear is important.
  • What is an “engine cut-off switch? And how and why is it used?

Help them build on their knowledge – Parents are supposed to have more life experiences than their kids, that should equate to more safety smarts. So ask them to use that experience to create a Family Float Plan… even if they don’t what a float plan is. Simply ask them to imagine what could go wrong on a boating adventure, then how to minimize those risks with a float plan. Have then write it down... which is part of actually creating a float plan.

Blend boating “fun” with boating “safety” – Once you’re out on the water having fun, boating, fishing or whatever, present a few more quiz competitions (maybe the loser buys ice cream at the end of the day) Consider some of these critical quiz questions:

  • If 79% of fatal boating accident victims drowned … what percent were not wearing a PFD? (answer? 86% were not wearing a life jacket)
  • What’s the number one way for Prevention From Drowning? (answer- always wearing your PFD.)
  • What types of vessels recorded the highest percentage of deaths? (answer – Open motorboats, less than 21 feet)
  • What’s the leading cause of drowning? (answer – falling overboard)
  • If 70% of deaths occurred on boats where the operator didn’t get boating safety instruction… what’s the smartest thing a parent can do? (answer – do what it takes to get a nationally-approved boating safety education certificate)

Want to really "plunge headlong" into getting your parents and classmates into having a blast learning about boating safety? (That's right, you are allowed to have fun learning how to be safe on the water). Learn more on sharing the peer-driven classroom video and the FREE lesson activity that's designed to get the entire class involved in three days of interactive learning... while having a blast with kid-parent-instructor role playing in school where everyone gets ALL ABOARD with boating safety! And check out the other boating safety videos in the thumbnails... in the upper right window.

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