Dive into this "tail" of walleye conservation, as our Into the Outdoors Adventure Team member, Zach, discovers the significance of this species culturally and environmentally. Zach talks with environmental experts, tribal members and state representatives to learn more about the threats walleyes are facing in today's changing climate.

On this journey, viewers will learn about the impacts of altered habitats, recreational fishing impacts, and the actions all stakeholders are taking to mitigate those impacts. Through collaboration efforts, tribal, state and federal agencies are working together to restore and support walleye populations in Wisconsin lakes.

So join us to learn how you can be part of the solution.

If your phone died, how would you navigate to your destination? We can't always rely on phones and GPS to help us get to where we are going, that's why it is important to know how to use a compass, especially when out on open water. Dive in with us as we learn the science of magnetism, the difference between True North and Magnetic North, as well as how to use a compass in a real life scenario!

Why are women becoming the fastest growing segment of hunters in America today?

Their reasons for breaking the stereotype image of men in blaze orange range from connecting with nature, to harvesting their own quality food for their families. In fact, studies show that men mostly hunt to accomplish a “goal” (such as getting their buck) but women hunt for the many rewards they personally get from the entire “experience” of hunting.

Discover all the reasons why more women are hunting today as you watch a mother and daughter reveal how their personal journeys into hunting have shaped important parts of their lives as they also share how other women can become part of the new wave of… “women reshaping hunting and conservation”.

For hundreds of years, people have used waterways as a means of transportation. As our vessels grew from small canoes to large barges and other industrial traffic, we altered the rivers to better suit our needs. This evolution of transportation has changed riverway structure and aquatic ecosystems, but how? In this classroom video, we take a deeper look at how rivers, wildlife and the environment are impacted by the rise of waterway navigation. 

Can you eat the fish you catch from bowfishing?

Can the ultimate experience while bowfishing can be first, catching the fish, fileting the fish and preparing a shore lunch?

Find out with our Into the Outdoors Adventure team!


Check out our action packed bowfishing videos!
Want to be in the know, when it comes to bowfishing, check out these "How To" videos to learn more!

When getting into bowfishing, what type of gear and license do you need?

What are some of the species you can target? 

Find out with our Adventure team!


Check out our action packed bowfishing videos!
Want to be in the know, when it comes to bowfishing, check out these "How To" videos to learn more!

When you turn on the lights, do you think about where that energy is coming from or how it got there?

We’re flipping the switch and looking back at how our energy is sourced, transported and distributed to our homes, schools and businesses!

Join Adventure Team member Chloe as she meets up with energy experts from the American Transmission company to learn more about the three components of the power system and how transmission plays a vital link in electrifying our homes!

You’ve likely heard of net zero, but do you know what that means?

Net zero means that the amount of clean energy generated on site is equal to or greater than the amount of energy consumed.

So what does that look like at a school? Join Adventure Team member Charlie as she heads to Forest Edge Elementary School, the first net zero school in Wisconsin!

Learn alongside her as she explores the differences between a net zero design and a traditional building.

From solar panels to geothermal and even advanced lighting systems, these technologies are leading the way to a greener future!

Have you ever wondered what happens to tires once they've been worn out? Innovators around the country are finding ways to repurpose old tires into new materials such as Tire Derived Aggregate, also known as TDA. This material is often used in construction projects as a way to prevent water damage by providing an outlet for stormwater runoff. Join our Into the Outdoors Adventure Team members as they learn about all the ways TDA can be utilized to give tires a second life.