Getting outside seems a lot easier in the summertime when the sun is shining and the weather is warm, but there are a lot of fun activities to enjoy in the winter too! Here are 15 winter activities that will get the whole family out and enjoying the snow season!

  1. Build a Snowman

    The best snowman building snow comes right after a fairly warm snowfall, with temperatures hovering just above or below freezing. This creates moist snow that packs together easily to hold shapes without becoming icy!

  2. Enjoy a Holiday Light Show

    Take a walk down the street to look at all of the holiday lights in your neighborhood. Check if there’s a light show at your local park or zoo!

  3. Hunt for Animal Tracks

    Nothing is more satisfying than a fresh blanket of snow! See if you can spot any animal tracks in the snow, and try to identify what type of animal made them.

  4. Walk on a Frozen Lake*

    As the lakes begin to freeze, check to see if your community hosts any special events like Kites on Ice or skate days. Maybe they even have an ice fishing competition! *Please check with local experts before walking on the ice.*

  5. Make a Bird Feeder

    It is hard for birds to find seeds in the winter because the plants are mostly covered in snow. Help out your neighborhood birds by creating a bird feeder to hang in your backyard!

  6. Skating, Skiing, Sledding - Oh My!

    Whether it’s ice skating, cross country skiing, sledding or snowmobiling, get your family active this snow season! There are plenty of ways to enjoy the outdoors in winter.

  7. Search for Winter Constellations

    As the Earth rotates around the sun, our view of the night sky changes. That’s why some constellations are only visible in the winter. See if you can spot Orion in the night sky during the winter months!

  8. Go on a Winter Hike

    Many state parks keep their trails open in the winter, so break out the snowshoes and take in the snowy views!

  9. Go Ice Caving

    Icicles are a great way to teach kids about thawing and freezing. Take the kids on a fun ice caving expedition so they can see for themselves how ice caves form. 

  10. Build an Igloo

    This is a hefty task, but definitely a memorable one! Always be extra careful to make the roof thinner, so it’s not too heavy, and to have adult supervision at all times.

  11. Have a Snowball Fight

    Snowball fights are a great way to burn some energy and have some healthy family competition. Divide into teams, build your forts and let the snowballs fly!

  12. Study Snowflakes

    Every snowflake has its own unique design, no two are the same! They form when a cold droplet of water freezes to a particle of pollen or dust in the sky, creating an ice crystal. The arms of the snowflake form as water vapor crystalizes onto the original crystal. Use construction paper to create your own unique snowflake design!

  13. Build Snow Castles

    You don’t need sand to build castles! Get out your buckets and shovels and start building your very own snow castle!

  14. Take a Sleigh Ride

    Take a ride through a winter wonderland in a classic horse-drawn sleigh. Lots of resorts and other attractions will host sleigh rides during the winter season, see if there’s one near you!

  15. Make Snow Angels 

    Not everything needs to be super planned out to be fun! Sometimes all you need to do is sit back and make a snow angel.


No matter how you choose to spend your snow days, we hope you enjoy at least one of these 15 winter activities! Make sure to tag @intotheoutdoors on Facebook and Instagram to have your outdoor family adventures featured on our page!