New Topics

  • LilyBottles

    Know Your H2O

    Why do 3 million people in the WORLD die each year of water-related diseases? Discover the answers by watching the four parts of this science show and reading the information […]

  • chipper

    The Science of Torpor

    Did you ever wonder why we sleep only one night at a time yet bears sleep for five months? Discover the answers by watching this Serious Science video and reading […]

  • WinterSurvivors

    Extreme Survival Strategies

    How do Polar vortexes, climate change, record storms, extreme weather of all kinds play havoc on our ecosystems and all the species that live there? Discover the answers by watching […]

New Videos

  • JacobSCADA

    What are educators saying about ITO?

    Discover what educators think about seeing ITO on television and its impact in classrooms with online science videos and companion lesson activities.

  • ice cavern

    Serious Science: Ice Caves

    Join our ITO explorer as she ventures into the curiously frozen world of ice caves along Lake Superior.

  • DgiDetox

    Digital Detox from Smartphones

    Want to really “connect” with life? Then consider how “digital detox” can help you build stronger bonds with family and friends.