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  • LilyBottles

    Know Your H2O

    Would you believe that 3 million people in the WORLD die each year of water-related diseases? Though most of that is outside the U.S., you still need to Know Your […]

  • chipper

    The Science of Torpor

    Did you ever wonder why we sleep so long at night? One reason is that we need 7 to 8 hours of rest to give our brains and bodies a […]

  • WinterSurvivors

    Extreme Survival Strategies

    Polar vortexes, climate change, record storms, extreme weather of all kinds continue to play havoc on our ecosystems and all the species that live there. While some species thrive, like […]

New Videos

  • energy-education-quiz

    Energy Education Quiz

    Why do we all need to understand the science of energy? It’s because energy plays a vital role in virtually every aspect of our lives. And the more we know, […]

  • Josh shoots at some balloons

    Hunger Games Archery – Part 3

    Join the ITO Kids as they zero in with archery gear on their own style of Hunger Games using bows and arrows to score big on some life lessons.

  • driftless movie

    Mysteries of The Driftless

    To provide educational background for this new series of Driftless films and lessons, we’ve provided online viewing of our Mysteries of the Driftless documentary that you’ll find below. As you watch […]