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Fishing with a Spincaster Reel – Fish Habitats
Fishing with a Spincaster Reel – Fish Habitats

In this free dynamic and peer-driven activity, Middle School students will research, debate, and develop their own custom Spincasters Outfitters Business. Their plans will consider factual information, logic, and balanced reasoning to create a mock angling-related outfitter business while helping their class learn about recreational development, angling, and aquatic ecosystems.

Imagine the interactive learning fun between four different student groups that watch the Spincasting video then get to:

Be in charge of equipping, instructing, and renting the rowboats
Select and instruct angling customers on how to use a spin casting rod and reel
Develop a fishing map to the best secret fishing spots on the lake
Become fishing clients who want to pay to be outfitted and instructed on how to catch fish.

It all comes together when the Student Groups take part in-class presentations and debates. So, share this learning adventure with your teacher and explore the websites of our educational partners to learn more about the outdoor recreational opportunities… of angling.

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