On the Hunt

Hunting anywhere is challenging, especially for an inexperienced hunter on open land.  In order to be successful, new hunters need the guidance of a mentor, so that they can learn about the animal's behavior, how to use the terrain and ground cover, and what factors could make the hunt successful. They also need to be shown what is safe or unsafe so they don’t cause danger to themselves or other bystanders and area residents.

ITO 2017 Into Hunting and Conservation

In the lesson activity that accompanies this Into the Outdoors @Home video, we will consider the value of mentorship in first time experiences. Hunting requires a good amount of skill, careful observation, careful movements, and knowing the right time to act.  These skills come through experience, which would be difficult to gain on one’s own, without the benefit of someone who can share, guide, and interpret the experience.

For more information and resources related to hunting and conservation, visit Hunter-ED.com

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