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Glacial Geology Matters

Whether making sand castles at the beach or drinking water from your tap, Glacial Geology Matters. Do you know why?

Discover the answers by watching this Serious Science video and reading the information below. And to take this learning adventure into your classroom, have your teacher download the free Lesson Activity at the bottom of this page so everyone can share in the fun of this inquiry based learning.

During the past 2.3 million years, a number of continental glaciers advanced and retreated many times across much of the Midwestern landscape. The last of these glaciers melted and retreated some 12,000 years ago. These massive flowing ice sheets reshaped much of the original landscape here while also depositing a variety of different sediments. So in the end, the glaciers changed much of the surface geology, and it's the geology of the land that affects a great many things in our lives today.

To discover how and why, either read "Learn More" or sit back and watch this video. To take this "cool" learning to a new level, check out the companion classroom Lesson Guide below that will really "reshape" your understanding of this glacial stuff.

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