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Primal Hunting Challenges
Primal Hunting Challenges

Consider this… the primitive Clovis culture in North America has been dated back to about 14,000 years ago. But guess what else roamed the landscape back then, often creeping up or making a full charge on the odd two-legged creatures?

Though we don't see them today, America lions, saber-tooth cats, and 500-pound wolves were out there hunting fresh meat until about 11,000 years ago. Do the math to figure out what that means. Answer - It means that these Clovis Paleo-hunters had to look over there shoulders every day for almost 3000 years, because big furry things with sharp fangs and claws that had a daily thirst for red meat could be hunting them.

So what happened to allow human to not only survive from being prey, but to becoming the ultimate hunter on the primitive landscape? Two things in combination; 1) development of  primitive hunting tools, 2) refinement of hunting and shooting skills that determined the balance between life or death.

If you're like most people, you probably wonder if you could have survived back then, or for how long before you became the warm insides of a stomach of a saber-tooth lion. Then consider finding out by creating your own “educational primal shooting challenge” to see if you could survive during Clovis time, either hunting big game to feed your clan, or the terror and rewards of surviving predator attacks.

Additional information and classroom materials that will be appearing on this page will help you explore those questions. Until then, enjoy the video and imagine yourself on North America's primitive landscape. Also explore the other "shooting sports challenge" classroom videos and lessons, including the full 27-minute program with the thumbnail on this page.

Until then, enjoy the journey of discovery in all of the content in our America’s Conservation & Hunting Heritage Series funded by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service in partnership with Safari Club International Foundation, a nonprofit org dedicated to promoting wildlife conservation across the country.


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