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Nitrogen Fixation

How did the research of agricultural scientist George Washington Carver shed light on the importance of nitrogen fixing plants such as soybeans for the health of both our soils and our economy? Discover the answers by watching this Serious Science video and reading the information below. And to take this learning adventure into your classroom, have your teacher download the free Lesson Activity at the bottom of this page so everyone can share in the fun of this inquiry based learning about a legume that uses "nitrogen fixation".

Did you know that soybeans helped poor Southern farmers rise out of poverty at the turn of the 20th century? One of America’s most famous agricultural scientists made it his life work to bring science out of the lab and into the hands of American farmers.

“The primary idea in all of my work was to help the farmer and fill the poor man's empty dinner pail.  My idea is to help the man farthest down." These are the words of George Washington Carver, world-renowned botanist and inventor who rose out of slavery to revolutionize the South’s agricultural economy. But how did one man accomplish such a feat?  And how does it relate to the science of soybeans?

To find out the rest of this amazing story, watch the video here. To share this learning adventure with your whole class, check out the lesson activities below. And of course there's more to learn in "Learn More".

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