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High School Bass Club 101
High School Bass Club 101

Imagine being a key player in a high school team sport where you can travel around the state and country to win prizes and even compete for some of the millions of dollars offered in college scholarships. And no, you don't have to be a star athlete and have extraordinary skills at some sport. You can do it all by forming or joining your high school bass fishing club.

There are two major organizations that offer pathways to high school bass fishing clubs. 1) The Student Angler Federation that's part of the The Bass Federation, and 2) B.A.S.S. High School Nation that's part of Bassmaster. Each organization offers all kinds of advice and pathways to form your club and to enter bass fishing tournaments.

Now before you jump into the deep end of the lake, consider some of the reasons why a bass fishing club just might be your ticket to fun, recreation and relationships at school plus might provide a pathway to a college education;

  • It gets students off the couch and back into the great outdoors by forming fishing clubs and outdoor activities within the school
  • It introduces students to fishing while showing them potential career and educational opportunities through fishing
  • Bass fishing clubs also add purpose a student's education by giving them real life examples of how math, science, biology, technology and language arts are used by anglers every day out on the water
  • It increases environmental awareness and understanding of aquatic ecosystems with the complex the balance of abiotic and biotic factors
  • It reduces stress while forming lasting relationships with like-minded peers in natural settings... oh yeah, it's tons of fun
  • Almost anyone can participate... no matter their size, skills, high school, age or gender

So clearly there are solid reasons to form or belong to your high school bass fishing club. But where do you start and what does it take? No worries. We'll decode the whole process in an easy-to-follow step by step plan laid out by the Student Angler Federation. Begin by watching the 101 video here and reviewing the content in the LEAN MORE section below. To get the entire class involved in the this process of discovery, have your teacher download the free lesson here and have it be part of your actual education in school... and on the water! To learn about the next steps in forming your bass fishing club, go to High School Bass Club 102.

For all kinds of other helpful information and resources on how kids can learn where-to and how-to go fishing, explore our companion KidsFishing.US website. To discover more about becoming a future angler, visit our educational partners that helped make this video, webpage and lesson possible by clicking on their logos below.

And if you decide to fish, you really need to get serious about being a safe angler. So take the complete online boating and water safety course using the link below.

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