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High School Bass Club 102
High School Bass Club 102

Let's say you'd like to form your own high school bass fishing club, but it sounds like too much of a hassle. Don't worry, lots of students have done it and the four videos and web pages on High School Bass Club (101-102-103-104) will help guide you through the process. So let's get started.

STEP 1 - Become familiar with the process and reasons why for starting a bass fishing club. Review the reasons on High School Bass Club 101.  Also go online to highschoolfishing.org/ and follow the guidelines they offer for forming  your club.

STEP 2 -The process will be easier and more fun if you enlist the help of other students (include a diversity of students and gender) who are interested in fishing. Research the website links provided below and take notes. The more you know, the easier the process and enlisting the support of your club advisor and school administrators. You're actually selling the idea to fellow student anglers and your school administrators, so be upbeat and positive about the whys of starting your club.

STEP 3 - Next, besides enlisting a minimum of two interested students grades 9-12, you'll need to find a club advisor. Use the "pitch points" or the reasons for forming the club that you've researched and feel free to use some of your own reasons relative to your school or geographic area. It makes sense to look for a "faculty advisor" (teacher-coach-counselor) who is also an angler. Or, you can enlist an involved parent or volunteer who is interested in angling and helping with your club.

Step 4 - Now that you're armed with three powerful things on your side; 1) solid reasons why you want to form a club, 2) other students who also want to share in the "education of fishing", 3) a faculty advisor to help support your club... you're now ready to meet with your school principal or superintendent (with your teammates) and pitch the idea - reasons why it's good for students and education plus how it's going to work with structured support of HighSchoolFishing.org.

To find out what to do next in Step 5, watch all four Classroom Videos and take notes. Then go to the High School Bass Club 103 web page to continue with Step 4 and others to complete your journey of creating your school's bass fishing club. And to get the entire class involved in this process of bass fishing discovery, have your teacher download the free lesson here and have it be part of your actual education in school… and on the water!

Still looking for more good reasons to form your club? Then explore the LEARN MORE tab below!

For all kinds of other helpful information and resources on how kids can learn where-to and how-to go fishing, explore our companion KidsFishing.US website. To discover more about becoming a future angler, visit our educational partners that helped make this video, webpage and lesson possible by clicking on their logos below.

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