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High School Bass Club 103
High School Bass Club 103

Okay, we left you off with Step 4... armed with three powerful things on your side; 1) solid reasons why you want to form a club, 2) other students who also want to share in the “education of fishing”, 3) a faculty advisor to help support your club… you’re now ready to meet with your school principal or superintendent (with your teammates) and pitch the idea – reasons why it’s good for students and education plus how it’s going to work with structured support of HighSchoolFishing.org.

Step 5 - Along with your teammates and possibly your advisor, meet with your school principal or superintendent to pitch the idea. Show him or her that you're taking this seriously by making your presentation with a printed list of the educational and beneficial reasons for forming your club. Also be prepared to show them one or more of the videos here, or the SAF Quickstart video. Now it's time to sell the concept, just as you practiced with your prospective club members. Your pitch should include printed information or online information about:

  • Liability insurance coverage that indemnifies the school
  • No cost to the school. Only the fishing club members pay a nominal fee to belong to SAF. Plus, SAF has fundraising programs to help schools and teams with costs related to their club.
  • Promote the SAF motto of "education through fishing". This includes SAF online education, testing at SAF fishing events, and real-life education on the water with coaches and classmates. Plus, it gives students an exciting reason to be connected with their school.
  • Team members will need to follow "tan academic code" and maintain a certain GPA
  • Opportunities for winning college scholarships and pathways to joining college fishing teams
  • Where you'll be fishing and the various opportunities to fish with other clubs and in tournaments around the state, region or nation

Step 6 - Once your have the go ahead from your principal, you'll present the club proposal to your school board so they can formally sanction your "school fishing club". Ta-da! After they formally school-sanctioned your fishing club. It's time to go fish.

But before you go fishing, you'll need to know how to boat and fish safely on the water. So that you, your teacher and your entire class can share in that boating and angling safety, use the free Safe-N-Smart fishing lesson activity below.

To learn about all the ways your team can fish and compete with other high school teams, explore the links below and check out the LEARN MORE tab below.

When you're ready to discover what to do in tournaments and what you'll learn as you fill your "educational tacklebox" with bass-fishing savvy, go to High School Bass Club 104.

For all kinds of other helpful information and resources on how kids can learn where-to and how-to go fishing, explore our companion KidsFishing.US website. To discover more about becoming a future angler, visit our educational partners that helped make this video, webpage and lesson possible by clicking on their logos below.

And if you decide to fish, you really need to get serious about being a safe angler. So take the complete online boating and water safety course using the link below.

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